The multi-instrument valleyist from the U.S.A. still hired itself at the beginning of the 90's in a Metallica Cover band named Damage Inc. and before it one tried to get deal with Entice, which did not succeed however, since one " too hart" up-played. A troop became somewhat later named Slave (interesting!) formed, in order in the year 2000 song first, solo CD von Eric selbstbetitlelten on the stage to bring. Cover versions were played also again and again by well-known Acts, which were given among other things (also in former times already) in volume named Mean Streat and Uncut to the best one. All these commitments led to the fact that the talentierte American could finally lie within each range of a LINE Ups. With the second work “Meet My Demons” became now a concept album to create, which had actually already been supposed to appear for the first time 2006/07. The next date was finally considered with March 2008. Nearly later I pushed one year over MySpace (where otherwise?!!) now on this mood and had to hear directly more exactly. Which settled there in my Gehörgängen immediately, sounded very encouraging! A short, personal contact with Mr. VanLandingham (MySpace lets greet!) was sufficient to wake the interest on both sides. Thus already soon a CD came with me angerauscht, which has it indeed in itself. Too all only it must be however directly mentioned that this mad musician the whole album (!) completely alone (!!) brought in, rem-branch-talk and mixed!!! One must imagine that times…, simply unbelievably. The fact that at it on the side of the Drums purely digitally one worked is understandable as courageously at the same time, because ends usually in a disaster. Not on “Meet My Demons”! Musicians and experts will hear the therefore computer rapidly out, but which made Eric from it, earns the largest respect. Twelve of song with power-metallic impact side particularly toward Warrior, Savatage, Circle II Circle and US-Metal generally, let the heart of each metalworker pound faster. Rather settled in the moderate speed, the material produces for pressure properly. Gentler sounds as with “1' 000 Voices” come along just as well, as the quicker TRACKs. Also gesanglich Mr can. VanLandingham convince and cannot thereby not times so simply on colleagues be specified. The longer one song sounds oneself, the less can believe one that everything that one hears hiert makes really from the feather/spring and individual musician comes! And surprises again and again this curse varied sound of therefore, which one must have first times in the head, in order to be able to then prepare him accordingly. Thus One Attacked” the carried “Hypnosis” follows after the Ultragebretter with “NO, where also again everything fits together. My highlight is the obergeile Groover “The was on Sanity”, which strikes fully in the bones and Gedärme. If there is a somewhat weaker song on “Meet My Demons”, then is the “Nobodys Home”, which works somewhat too sluggishly, but nevertheless no Filler is, particularly toward end. “The finally Battle” sounds at the beginning with the acoustic guitar, like already “1' 000 Voices”, something after Lita Ford' s “CLOSE My Eyes Forever”. Where other albums against conclusion reduce, submits Eric VanLandingham with “Welcome ton of Your Funeral” again epischen Kracher, which, together with which underlines extremely artistic aspect of Booklet and CD, what for a jewel was created here. The sincere attention and appreciation of all fans of hard sounds earns these CD, because such an honest and only so album strotzendes of handicraft may not go in the mass under. Therefore logs you now immediately on Eric' s MySpace side (left is above in the title), listens to you together with three of older song above all the three newer of it and orders immediately thereafter one of the most interesting Indipendent publications of the last time!